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Property Presentation Tips for Investors

It is our prime focus at Utopia Rentals to secure suitable tenants for your property.

The Sunshine Coast rental market demand fluctuates with the seasons, some years worse than others.

The prime rental period is from the start of spring to the middle of autumn with the peak times just before Christmas and again before school starts in January.

We endeavour to structure leases so the property will be vacant in prime times hence maximises your rental returns.

Your property will rent within 2-3 weeks if these critical items are considered

  • Rental price is the current market price for the property relative to the time of the year
  • The property is well marketed and tenant concerns are addressed at the time of showing.
  • The property is well presented.

Rental Price

  • This is very important.  The lower the rental price point the more critical this is to secure a tenant. $10.00 a week for a $380.00 a week home is very important to that demographic. $10.00 a week on a $650.00 per week house makes little or no difference for that demographic.
  • Also the search criteria of the websites is in $50.00 increments. So be mindful of this when you set the rental price. We will guide you on what you can expect at certain times of the year.

Property Marketing

  • We know exactly how to attract tenants to your property and you will notice that we do not have long winded property descriptions on the websites in order to encourage a phone call to find out more about the property.
  • It has also been our experience that open houses don’t work because everyone thinks they don’t have a chance against other tenants so no one applies. Maximum of 2 or 3 groups at a time to view the property works well to get the best results.

Property Presentation

  • This is important.  A well-presented property will attract “house proud” tenants, which is want you want.
  • With an existing property we manage we will make sure the home and gardens are well presented.
  • If you are a new client we will meet with you to discuss the most cost effective steps you can take to secure the right tenant.



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